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Follow-up Questions from my ITPro Toronto Restore-a-Palooza Presentation.

April 15, 2012

I wanted to follow up on a few questions that came up during my Restore-a-Palooza Presentation to the ITPro Toronto user group on Tuesday April 10th. Special thanks to Michael Suthern for keeping track of them for me.

1. Number of clients backed up in each version of the server OS’s?

Windows Home Server(WHS) 2011 – 10

Windows Storage Server 2008 R2 Essentials (WSSE) – 25

Windows Small Business Server (SBS) Essentials 2011 – 25

2. Use of any ‘Colorado’ server in an existing domain to backup a small number of workstations?

If it is less than 10 workstations and you only want to use the server for client backup, then WHS 2011 will do the job nicely. However, if there are more than 10 PCs to back up (or soon could be more than 10) then you would want to look at WSSE.

3. What happens when a backup is interrupted for any reason?

From Microsoft Windows Home Server 2011 Unleashed: In previous versions of Windows Home Server, if a backup was interrupted, it just failed, and a completely new backup wouldn’t start until the next scheduled backup time. Windows Home Server 2011 now tracks the client backup process, and if the backup is interrupted for any reason (for example, losing the network connection), Windows Home Server 2011 resumes the backup from where the interruption occurred.

4. Is a restore possible to different hardware?

It is possible. It might require additional steps, depending on the O/S. For example, with Windows XP, you might have to adjust the boot.ini file and/or do a repair install of Windows XP to install the correct drivers for the new hardware. Windows Vista and Windows 7 are typically much more tolerant of hardware changes. The hardware change would almost certainly trigger the need to re-activate Windows. This might not be permitted by the EULA, depending on the version of Windows that was originally installed.

5. Will any of the servers backup an SBS 2003 server?

No. The “Colorado” servers will only back up a currently supported client O/S. The connector will not install on a server O/S. The only exception is Windows Multipoint Server. You could install the connector for WHS version 1 on a server O/S and back it up, however this was not a supported use of the product.

6. Can you change the remote access ports on any of the servers?

Not really. I understand that the problem appears to be that port 443 is hard coded into the remote web access site. You can get it partially working by using the port forwarding features of some routers. So for example, you could forward port 4443 on the internet side to port 443 on the WHS server. Then go to https://fqdn-of-the-server:4443/remote This would give you access to the file shares but you won’t be able to connect to computers using the Remote Desktop Options.

7. Any favorite add-ins for these servers, and where do you get them?

I don’t have any favorite add-ins at the moment. Most of the add-ins I used for WHS Version 1 were for features that have been built into the Colorado servers. But if you’re looking for add-ins, here are some places to look: